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Post  Jane Volturi on Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:46 pm

Forks, Washington, an average town in the Pacific Northwest. Actually, average is a compliment for this small, dull town of a little over 3000 people. With its constant covering of cloud and rain, the town seems to have a constantly dreary and boring mood and, on the rare occasion that sunlight does show up, it seems almost too bright for the citizens. Surrounding this small town is the Hoh Rainforest, where the trees seem to constantly be growing due to the constant rain. This rainforest stretches as far north as you can see, until finally it reaches Clallam Bay, 20 miles to the north. The rainforest then stretches just as far east until you finally reach Port Angeles, over 50 miles away and then Seattle, another hundred miles away. Then, 8 miles to the east, is the Quileute Reservation of La Push, home to the descendants of the Quileute Indians. Then, to the south is, yet again, forests, stretching far south until finally you reach some other small towns, 50 miles to the south. So, to most people coming and going through this small town, it looks like nothing big could ever happen here. But underneath this cloudy first appearance, is a complete other world.

Although Forks, Washington may seem like a boring, dreary town, there is secretly a family of vegetarian vampires, called the Cullens, protecting this town not only from their secret, but also from the constant vampire attacks that seem to be happening all around them. Then, to the east in La Push, there are the La Push shapeshifters, or werewolves as they like to be called, who are always happy to help the Cullens fight off vampire groups. But, in addition to these vampires and werewolves, there is now a half-vampire half-human girl, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, nicknamed “Nessie,” who has the ability to show people her thoughts.

Although the Cullens try their best to protect Forks and the towns around it, sometimes it’s their own family that they need to protect. Seeing as human-vampire hybrids are very rare and there are only a few of them, a vampire who was mad at the Cullens and werewolves, named Irina Denali, saw Nessie and, accidentally, thought her to be the taboo “immortal child,” something that is absolutely prohibited in the vampire world. Because of this, the leaders of the vampire world, the Volturi, came to their small town to kill this adorable mistaken vampire hybrid. Although they convinced the Volturi that she wasn’t an immortal child and she wouldn’t be a threat to the vampire world, there is now a large coven of nomadic vampires, opposed of the Cullens vegetarian diet, which are heading down from Canada to Forks. Will another fight ensue after one was just narrowly avoided?

Although Nessie and the Cullens are safe for now, Alice is becoming a tad bit worried about other intentions the Volturi might have. Although the Volturi understands that Nessie is not harming anyone, she does have an amazing ability to show people her thoughts, an ability the Volturi might want when she’s old enough to control it, which might be sooner than most would think, seeing as she will be completely grown up when she turns 7 years old. But, as Alice tries to see the Volturi’s future, she begins to get worried as their future is becoming more “blank” with each time she watches them, something that only happens when a person does something with the La Push werewolves. Although the werewolves would never turn on the Cullens, their loyalty lies with Jake, who only focuses on Nessie and keeping her safe. If the Volturi threatened to hurt her, who would the wolves side with, the Volturi or the Cullens? But, also, there are now non-vegetarian, nomadic vampires, disgusted by the Cullen's vegetarian diet, who, though they haven't planned anything yet, don't seem like the most peaceful group.

Although while in Bella, Jake hated her, once Jacob Black, a werewolf from La Push, saw Nessie, all earthly attachment disappeared for him and the only person he cared about was Nessie, an act werewolves call imprinting. Now, his only care in the world is Nessie and he only wants her to be happy. Although for now he will just be like a big brother and good friend to her, as she rapidly is growing up, and quickly reaching adolescence, soon this brotherly protection will blossom into teenage love, and, seeing as no one can resist the undying attention a wolf gives when they imprint, she won’t help but love him back. And, due to a non-vegetarian vampire, Garrett, falling in love with one of the Denali girls, there is now one more person in the Denali coven, and, one more vegetarian vampire.

Charlie Swan, Bella Swan Cullen’s human father, as of a few months ago discovered part of the presence of this hidden world, as Jacob Black, in an attempt to bring Charlie into the light, transformed into a werewolf directly in front of Charlie, showing him that werewolves exist. But, as Jacob quickly tells the Cullens, “his main request is that he be told as little as possible about all of this. If it’s not absolutely essential for him to know something, then keep it to yourself. Need to know only.” But, upon seeing Nessie, and seeing how quickly she’s growing, he’s, unfortunately, somewhat changing his mind on what he said. Why does Bella, all of a sudden, look so different? And why does this girl, who Bella and Edward “adopted” from one of Edward’s cousins, look so much like Bella?
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