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Post  Leah Clearwater on Sat May 08, 2010 10:11 pm

Where did you hear about this forum?
Do you have any other characters on here?
What is the secret word?

Name: Leah Clearwater
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Werewolf
Appearance: A tall, slender teenage girl, she has tan, smooth skin that is common amongst the Native Americans. Her dark brown, almost black, hair is cropped short, above her chin. Her brown eyes are filled with knowledge and wisdom beyond her years. The tribal tattoo is printed in black ink on her right shoulder. Though muscles aren't obvious on her, they are there, and she is not to be messed with.
Grey fur ripples over well toned muscles when she is in her wolf form. Though she is slightly smaller than the male wolves, she is not to be underestimated. Her eyes are dark with determination, and she is bound in her duty. Her claws are long and sharp, and when she digs her paws into the ground, they form mini canyons in the dirt. Her sharp fangs are clean and long enough to send chills down anyone's back.
Leah loves to be bold and do the unexpected. She absolutely hates when people think that she can't do something because she is a girl. In fact, if anyone says anything along those lines, she takes it as an automatic challenge and will not rest until she proves them wrong. When she is alone, though, she loves to read, something not many know about her. She pretty much stays away from watching TV.
Leah is far from weak. However, when it comes to her brother, she feels determined to protect him, and if someone where to hurt him, she would go mad with pain and loss. However, pity the fool who hurt him, because she is stubborn as a mule and will hunt her brother's attacker to the ends of the earth if she must. She is quite intelligent, and always fun to have a real discussion with. But if you tell her she's wrong, she gets very stubborn and will not listen to reason.
Leah was a simple girl, living a happy, contented life. Smart for her age, but still fairly average. Until her friends started acting weird, one by one falling under what she saw as Sam's spell. One by one, each of the guys cut their hair, got really grumpy, and followed Sam like a lovesick puppy dog. Soon, she was left with only her brother, and what sister wants to hang out with her brother every day?
And when those retched Cullens came back to Forks, it got worse. Their mere presence made her feel sick. Until the day came that she get really ticked off and started a heated arguement with Seth. In their mutual rage, they lunged at each other and suddenly were entangled in a mess of orange and gray fur. And the shock when they saw their father standing, staring at them before collapsing to the ground. The worst day of Leah's life.
With her father gone, and her innocent, ignorant life torn out from under her, Leah took to her new life with a vengence. She made herself quite prominent in the pack, voicing her opinions even when she wasn't asked. At any sign of a possible fight, she would jump in and instigate the issue until everyone wanted to fight. She made herself one of the guys as much as she could.
And when the time came for the pack to split, she knew that she must follow Jake's rebellion, for it was her nature to make everything worse. She thrived off of drama. And so she latched herself onto Jake, insisting that she was part of his pack until their own pack bonds proved it. She didn't care that she had basically signed herself onto the enemy team, it was worth it. And now, she follows Jake dutifully, trying to get her condition under control.
RP Sample: Bare feet pounding against the dirt and rocks on the forest floor, Leah ran, not for any reason other than to feel the wind on her face. Her short hair whipped her face as she leaped over a fallen branch, landing on all fours. As much as she hated the fact that this craziness had been forced upon her, she never could get over the rush, the tingle, that the transformation gave her. She ducked, her sleet colored fur brushing against a branch just above her, dragging across her back. As it ran over an itch, she let out a bark of pleasure. Another branch stood in her way, but she merely barreled through it.
The snapping wood must have alerted some nearby prey as her sensitive ears picked up the sound of hooves beating on the dirt. She picked up the pace and let her tongue loll out, eyes narrowing in concentration. As soon as the doe was in sight, she lunged, pushing off the ground with her strong legs and coming to land with her full weight on the deer. She snarled at the buck as it pranced away before delivering the final blow to the doe's neck.
As she ate, her ears pricked, listening to the sounds of the forest. It was amazing to see, smell, and hear the things that humans were unable to experience. Far off she heard a bird sound an alarm. Maybe another pack member was hunting, or one of Sam's pack. A few paces away she heard a stream trickling through the rocks protruding from the ground. She even heard the soft snap of a healthy leaf being ripped off of its branch by the wind.
And the smells. The metallic taste of the blood in her mouth, the smell of the pollen floating through the air, even the very air smelled and tasted different here rather than outside her house. With one last gulp, she finished her meal and began to pace along the path, merely enjoying the forest.

Leah Clearwater

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Post  Rosalie Hale on Sat May 08, 2010 10:48 pm

Very good Leah. Accepted.
Rosalie Hale
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