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Post  Jane Volturi on Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:47 pm

Before you begin on this forum, there are a couple rules I'd like to establish. If you disobey them I will have no choice but to punish you for them.

1 ) Please keep language PG 13. Stephanie Meyer didn't cuss nonstop in any of the four books, don't start now.

2 ) Please keep this board appropriate. Yes, I know about Renesmee but in the books, Stephanie didn't show anything. The most she said was in Eclipse when Bella started. If you want to write stuff like that write it on fanfiction.

3 ) No spamming. Yes, we all know that its annoying when people don't post but people's lives come before this forum. No bugging people about how someone won't post. Also, don't try and make people go to your forums. There is a board for that.

4 ) If you are going to do the face of a celebrity (and no you can't be that actual celebrity) you must do a face claim and if someone else already wants that face, you have to pick another face.

5 ) Please, no werewolves imprinting on vampires, unless it's a half-human half-vampire person and we aren't allowing original half vampires on this site (as they are very rare and you need a human mother and vampire father). You could create a human girl or a vampire boy and possibly have the girl become pregnant but, with rule 2, that would be very difficult. You CAN be Renesmee or Nahual however.

6 ) Please make it so that your username is the same as your characters name to spare the confusion. It doesn't take long to go to your profile and change your name. We don't want twilight_fan_girl_18094 or anything like that. Make it an ACTUAL name. Also, in the application write the word Nessie.

7 ) You can have one or two different characters but please make different usernames for them. Also, don't make 100 different people and only use one or two. If you make a person, I expect you to be using them. If you don't use them for up to 2 weeks, they will be deleted.

8 ) Canon characters ARE available. If you would like to apply for one of them you do still have to fill out the application form but I expect people on here to know the characters well and give an in depth description of them.

9) You CAN be an original vampire but if there are too many vampires and not enough humans I will make it so that you can't be a vampire. Also, for powers, keep it reasonable. We don't want to see a vampire who can fly around or make giant explosions. Also, please no animalia (transforming into animals). That is a shape-shifter thing.
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